Schroders RF is a leading alternative lending platform to the real estate market. We also offer investment funds, bringing real estate debt investing to Australian investors.

Schroders RF is a leading alternative lending platform to the real estate market, specialising in financing for Australian commercial, retail, industrial and residential developments and investments. We also manage investment funds that allow Australians to participate in real estate debt investing, via diversified portfolios of loans over Australian property.

Schroders RF is a joint venture between Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited and the RF Group.

RF Group is an alternative asset manager with global capabilities in real estate and credit management throughout Australia, UK/Europe and the Middle East. Schroders is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schroders plc. Globally, the Schroders Group manages over $1,056 bn (as at 30 June 2021). Between September 2016 and June 2021, RF Group fully owned this business and in June 2021 sold a 50.1% interest to Schroders Group.


Helping Australian borrowers and investors profit from real estate development.


Alternative real estate lending

Schroders RF provides a range of registered first mortgage loans that are secured over residential, commercial, retail or industrial real estate assets and construction projects located in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and major regional centres with a population over 50,000. Find out more about our projects here


Real estate debt investing

Schroders RF offers two investment funds comprising portfolios of loans held over Australian property.

The Schroders RF Select Credit Fund is a contributory mortgage fund that is not a pooled fund and has been open to retail investors since 1999. Find out more about our fund here. (Link to Investors-Retail page)

The Schroders RF Real Estate Debt Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of loans secured over Australian real property and is available to wholesale investors.


Schroders RF offers:

  • The investment capabilities of RF Capital, an alternative asset manager with a real estate pedigree
  • Access to in-house real estate market research and construction capability
  • Extensive referral network with independent originators and brokers
  • Prudent credit assessment to protect and enhance investor capital
  • High yield products with low volatility, a strong risk-return profile and appropriate security
  • Personalised service for investors and borrowers