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Schroders Australia Purchases Share of Schroders RF Limited

By April 22, 2021August 11th, 2021No Comments

Schroder Investment Management Australia (Schroders Australia) and RF Group (the parent of Schroders RF) today announce the formation of a strategic partnership through the joint ownership of Schroders RF Limited. Schroders will acquire a 50.1% stake in Schroders RF with completion to occur 30 June 2021, following which the company will be rebranded Schroder RF.

Today’s announcement builds on an exclusive A$175 million mandate awarded by Schroders Australia 18 months ago that provided Schroders RF with new products to satisfy borrowers seeking capital for their quality projects outside of the banking system.

Schroders RF was established in 1999 and has focussed on providing investors with stable, higher yielding returns from first mortgage investments sponsored by quality commercial real estate borrowers. Today the business operates as an integrated platform across the eastern states of Australia with capability across loan origination, loan management and funds management.

Established in 1961, Schroders Investment Management Australia Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Schroders plc. Based in Sydney the business is focused on asset management for institutional and wholesale clients. Comprising a team of approximately100 people, it is home to the domestic research and investment teams for capabilities in Australian investments. Globally, the Schroder group manages over GBP500bn.

The new board will have equal representation from both Schroders Australia and the RF Group leveraging the respective strengths of both organisations in bringing commercial real estate debt solutions to our clients. The existing Schroders RF Credit Committee and process will continue, bolstered with representation from the Schroders Australia team.

For our existing investors we see these as exciting times. As Schroder RF our team of experienced executives remain in place offering the same level of timely and reliable service.  With Schroders joining as a partner to the business, Schroder RF will enjoy access to the global resources, expertise and financial strength of one of the world’s largest investment manager’s as we develop new funds and investment products.

We hope that you share the excitement that this transaction brings and  remind you that if you are looking to increase, vary or review any of your existing investments that our friendly investor relations team details remain as follows:

Sonia Earp, Manager Investor Relations

02 9954 2203

Mia Goopy, Investor Relations Assistant


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